Federal Suit Follows Harassment Surrounding Sexual Orientation

A former employee at the Lowes store on route 303 in Orangeburg has filed a federal suit against the corporation for harassment surrounding his sexual orientation. 32-year old Tallman resident Adam Haimowitz recently came forward in a story in the Journal News, claiming that he was mistreated by managers and fellow employees for years due to his being gay. Haimowitz stated that in his 11 years working at the store he received different types of harassment, once a manager asking him for oral sex, and on several other occasions coworkers calling him derogatory names such as whore. The man stated that his fellow workers quote, “got a kick out of it”, end quote, and enjoyed making rude comments towards him. According to the report in 2012 Haimowitz testified in a federal lawsuit filed against the company by Edward Marse of Sloatsburg for similar claims. According to Haimowitz, the suit was settled in april 2014 and soon after his employers began punishing him for no reason, until he was fired in the summer for allegedly using inappropriate language on the sales floor.

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