Trials for Woman Accused of Killing Son Set

The case against a Rockland woman accusedd of fatally poisoning her five-year old son a year ago is moving forward, and pre-trial dates have been scheduled for this month. Lacey Spears lived in Chestnut Ridge with her son Garnett, when he was taken to Westchester Medical Center last January and was pronounced brain dead soon after. High levels of sodium in the boy’s system led investigators to conclude that he had been slowly, and the discovery of traces in a bag the often sick boy’s mother used to feed him through a tube to his stomach, led to her arrest. Spears’ lawyers are now asking the court that the claims that she suffered from Munchausen By Proxy will not be admissible. A judge will have to decide before the January 26 trial date whether or not the illness, which causes a parent to create a sickness in the child in an attempt to seek attention, can be mentioned before a jury. While investigators in the case stated that they believe Spears suffered from the disorder, her lawyers stated she was never examined or officially diagnosed with it.

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