Independent Report on Clarkstown Highway Department Released

A report released this week on the Clarkstown Highway Department shows that many employees have expressed thoughts that “the work environment has deteriorated”. Public Sector HR Consultants LLC, an independent consultant hired by the town board to assess the department in September, recently released their report including anonymous interviews with 64 employees who volunteered to participate. According to information from the report, compiled by the Journal News, 47 of the employees stated that in recent years the work place has gotten worse, many claiming the cause to be Superintendent of Highways Wayne Ballard’s alleged unequal treatment of workers. According to some of the interviews Ballard gave promotions and vacation time to supporters of his 2013 campaign for the position, while handing out unwanted assignments to those who supported his opponent. Ballard denied the accusations and the full report has been sent to the District Attorney’s office for review.

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