Spring Valley Board Votes No on New Positions

On Monday afternoon the Spring Valley Village Board of Trustees met to discuss Mayor Demeza Delhomme’s proposal to fire ten full-time employees. The mayor presented the idea to use just over $600,000 to hire three assistant building inspectors, two fire inspectors, and five code enforcement officers, as well as the recently proposed four part-time fire inspectors. The board voted not to pass the proposal with a 2-2 vote, Trustee Anthony Leon and Mayor Delhomme voting yes, Trustees Vilair Fonvil and Asher Grossman voting no, and Trustee Emilia White abstaining. Fonvil and Grossman stated at the meeting that setting aside $600,000 made no sense and, though safety and code enforcement are important, the decision should wait until an expert’s report can be filed. White stated that she needed to speak with the village Treasurer first, who did not attend the meeting. Delhomme set the emergency meeting after two separate suspicious fires destroyed one illegal boarding house and one illegal dormitory in a yeshiva last week.

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