Budget Compromises Ahead?

According to County Executive Ed Day the County Legislature is planning to vote on the 2015 budget proposal, and have discussed various options that may save county jobs. One proposal is to amend the Deficit Reduction Act so that instead of paying back $10 million a year, the county would repay a lower amount of $4 million. Day’s $772 million budget proposal calls for 111 job cuts, as well as cutting funding for nonprofit organizations, and though he has begun working with the Legislature to save jobs he stated on WRCR anout the decision to lower the reduction law “If we free up $6 million out of the 10 million, on an item that has been focused on in a key piece of our fiscal recovery, all that’s gonna tell the markets is one simple thing, when faced with the tough decisions Rockland County ran, Rockland changed the rules of the game to accommodate an approach that would not force those decisions.” Recently the New York State Comptroller’s Office approved the proposal, calling it good for the county’s bond rating. According to Day the county has the potential to have a rating upgrade in the spring as well, and not paying back a large amount of the deficit could hurt the county’s chances. The other approach was proposed by Legislator Cris Carey, and according to Day, would save 23 positions in the Sheriff’s Department and bring the county layoffs below 100, by lowering the Deficit Reduction Act to $7 million a year. Carey stated that the plan would also give nonprofits 75% of their funding and according to Day would allow county property taxes to remain under the 2% tax cap for the year. There will be a Budget and Finance meeting on Tuesday at 7:00 PM and a vote will be held on Thursday at 7:00 PM, both at the County Office Buildings in New City.

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