East Ramapo Fiscal Monitor Reviews District

The fiscal monitor assigned to East Ramapo School District by NEw York Governor Andrew Cuomo, met with the State Board of Regents on Monday. Hank Greenburg, who recently finished his 5-month review of the district, proposed to the board of regents and Education Commissioner John King, that new Legislation be put into place to keep the school district in check, such as more state funding, but not without an overseer who will make sure that money given to a program stays in that program, diversity training, and a better handling of shared finances between private schools and public schools, especially in special education and transportation. The 61-page report also blamed the East Ramapo School Board for bad decisions and Greenburg stated that oversight is needed, using an example that 60-70 percent of board meetings held happens behind closed doors in executive sessions. At Monday’s meeting Greenburg asked the state Legislature and Governor to assign a full-time monitor to begin facing the problems addressed in his report.

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