Trial for Valley Cottage Killing May Be Moved

According to lawyers representing Diana Nadell, who is accused of murdering her mother-in-law, Valley Cottage resident Peggy Nadell in January, they are attempting to have a trial moved out of Rockland County. Defense Attorneys for 50-year old Florida resident Nadell have stated that a change in court venue is necessary due to media coverage, though state Supreme Court Justice William Kelly stated there would need to be more reasoning in order to move the case elsewhere. Kelly also stated the trial for Nadell’s murder charge could be combined with charges against her of plotting to have two witnesses in the case killed while she was in jail. According to prosecutors Nadell is being held in Ulster County Jail on suicide watch to keep her separate from 25-year old Andrea Benson who helped kill Peggy Nadell and is testifying against her daughter-in-law, but Benson may be moved elsewhere as prosecutors are attempting to have Nadell moved to Rockland County Jail. Police charged Nadell with first-degree murder after she was accused of setting up false alibis in Washington DC while she drove to Valley Cottage and stabbed her mother-in-law to gain access to her $4 million estate.

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