Rockland Finances Hold on to Positive Outlook

According to a report in the Journal News the Moody’s Investor Service has upheld their positive outlook rating for Rockland County finances, despite worries surrounding the sale of the Summit Park Nursing Home. County Executive Ed Day stated that the rating means good things for the county, but only if Rockland can continue on the budgeting path that led to this year’s financial improvement. Along with the sale of the hospital and nursing care center, Rockland Commissioner of Finance Stephen DeGroat stated to the news source that the county will also be looking to refinance a $17.7 million loan to apply to the debt, giving the county a debt service savings of $700,000 to $800,000. In July Moody’s raised Rockland’s rating from a Baa3 stable outlook to a Baa2 positive outlook, a huge leap from the junk status the county was facing in recent years.

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