Continued Disputes Over Budget Proposal

With just over a month left for the Rockland Legislature to approve or amend County Executive Ed Day’s 2015 budget proposal, both sides of the argument continue. Day stated on Friday that it was not his intention to cut 37 positions within the Sheriff’s Department but he was forced to do so when made aware of the Deficit Reduction Act, which was approved by the Legislature in 2012, though Day stated he believed it was rendered inactive. The law requires $10 million be set aside each year to go to the county debt, leading to the additional cuts in county jobs and nonprofit funding for 2015. The $772 million budget will cut 111 countywide positions including the 37 in the Sheriff’s Patrol, which has led to outrage from Sheriff Lou Falco as well as many residents and county officials. On Thursday Legislature Chairman Alden Wolfe stated that Day’s claims that he was unaware of the Deficit Reduction Law until recently, are false, stating as reported by the Journal News “I’m not afraid to call the County Executive a liar, because when you came up with a $10 million surprise and you used that to avoid answering the question, why did you do what you did, then you are lying to the public.” Day fired back with a release on Friday stating, “Personal attacks, especially when it comes from one who pretends to lead, is always a revelation of a failure to lead and an attempt to distract from same. The Chairman’s commentary is an embarrassment to our county government.” If approved, the budget proposal will raise taxes by two percent for 2015. This is the first time in three years the county would not see a double digit increase.

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