Rockland Sheriff Speaks Out On CE’s Decision to Cut Patrol

According to Rockland County Sheriff Louis Falco the $772 million budget proposal that was released by County Executive Ed Day and includes cutting 37 positions in the marine, mounted, and street patrols, is based on a one sided interpretation of the reports provided to the county by a consultant. On Monday Falco spoke with WRCR about the report on the Sheriff’s Office, which was presented by consultant Louis Anemone a former NYPD officer, stating “The words in the report clearly indicate to shift things around and enhance the police division, not do away with it. This is the County Executive’s own initiative to try to do away with this.” Day’s proposal presents including the patrol unit in 111 countywide positions to be cut in order to save 6.8 million dollars. According to Anemone’s analysis, which was obtained and reported by the Journal News on Friday, the Sheriff’s Department responded to 23 crimes, or 0.6% of county crimes, in 2013 and officers with the Sheriff’s Department make up 11% of Rockland police officers. Falco stated to the Journal News that his officers often respond to calls in towns and villages, which are not represented in the numbers provided by Anemone. The Legislature has until December 7 to approve the proposed budget or make changes to it and if they choose to do nothing it will automatically be put into place.

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