New 911 Operations for Infectious Disease Calls

According to new guidelines set by the CDC, the Rockland County Sheriff’s office is implementing a new system for phone operators. The CDC released a plan for officers to respond to potential infectious disease calls to 911, after the recent isolation of a Rockland resident was made public. The woman had arrived home on October 5 after traveling to Liberia and was held in her home for 21 days, after which she was cleared of any risks of Ebola. Part of the new county plan gives 911 operators to ask callers who suspect they are suffering from potential diseases. The Sheriff’s Department stated the plan is in place to help with the number of calls that come in, though so far none of have been real threats. The first case in the Northeast and fourth in the country was reported on Thursday, a doctor in New York City who treated Ebola patients in West Africa without borders tested positive with symptoms.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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