Owners of Goat-Killing-Dogs Seen in Court

The pair of dogs accused of killing two goats in New City on September 23 are still being held at a private kennel and their owners were seen in court on Wednesday to face charges against them. 83-year old Marie Harrow stated that she woke up at 3:00 one morning last month to find two labs attacking her pet Nigerian dwarf goats in their pen and could not save them from being killed before police to retrieve the dogs. The animals’ owners Jason and Lauren Feldman were charged with violating state laws for dangerous dogs as well as town code for having a dog at large. They appeared in Clarkstown Town Court and Judge Howard Gerber ordered that the case be postponed to allow the Feldmans to obtain a lawyer. They will return to court on November 11, when a judge will decide what to do with dogs.

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