Super Crane Arrives on the Hudson

On Monday the new Tappan Zee Bridge project welcomed the arrival of the “Left Coast Lifter”, now named the “I Lift New York Super Crane”, one of the largest cranes in the world. The crane will be used starting this week to lift pieces of the tall towers and platforms holding them, as well as the new roadway of the bridge. Governor Andrew Cuomo was present when the crane was ferried to its temporary site just south of the current bridge, and stated, “I want you to know that I’m truly in love with this crane, any crane that saves the state of New York over a billion dollars, I love.” According to Cuomo the crane will reduce project time and labor costs, saving the state money in the long run. The crane will be moved to the north side of the site before it can begin its work, and officials stated to do so the barge will be filled with water to sink the machine low enough to get the 30-story arm under the bridge. Cuomo also announced on Monday that the toll task force will be formed in 2015 to research and decide on a cost of tolls on the new bridge.

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