County Executive Ed Day Asks for Investigation into Alleged Voter Fraud

County Executive Ed Day released a press statement on Wednesday morning formally requesting that District Attorney Thomas Zugibe begin an investigation into claims of election fraud at Tuesday’s ward referendum. In Day’s letter to Zugibe he states that complaints and questions have flooded his office since the polls opened at 6:00 AM yesterday, including criminal allegations directed at an unknown caller who has been contacting various residents in the county, allegedly claiming to be from the Rockland County Board of Elections and urging that people vote no against the ward system. The claims were looked into by local reporter Richard Gandon of the Rockland Star, who called the number and posted the audio on the Star’s website. In the call you can hear a woman answer by saying simply, “Elections”. Gandon then asks twice in the audio if it is the Rockland County Board of Elections to which the woman replies both times yes. Gandon stated to WRCR, “I didn’t really expect anyone to actually say they were from the Board of Elections but I called anyway I was shocked when not once, but twice she said that I had reached the Board of Elections and had no problem suggesting how I should vote.” In Day’s letter he asks that the District Attorney investigate these claims as well as allegations of improper handling of affidavit and absentee ballots, the disenfranchisement of voters who appeared to be of Latin origin, voters being turned away from the polls, and certain views being promoted at the polls.

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