Ramapo Ward Vote Today

Today is the day Ramapo Town Voters head to the polls to vote yes or no on changing to a ward system that would allow them to choose future representatives based on the area they live and on a second referendum that would increase the town board members from four to six. Opponents of the ward system have stated that the increase in officials will also increase taxes, while proponents state the higher number will allow each resident in every area of town to have better representation. According to Town Clerk Christian Sampson state law requires that absentee ballots for today’s vote can only be counted if it gets to the clerk’s office before 5:00 PM today, though in other elections ballots postmarked by the day of the vote can be counted. Sampson stated that this could cause some confusion and his office will be continue working on a plan to count votes. Last week a state Supreme Court Justice ruled that poll watchers were not required for the vote, and town officials have decided not to use them, against much opposition from activists and state officials. The polling stations are open 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM and voters can go to their general election sites.

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