Poll Watchers Not Required for Ward Vote

On Wednesday a judge ruled that the town of Ramapo will not require poll watchers for the ward referendum on Tuesday September 30. Activists Michael Parietti and Robert Romanowski, who originally filed petitions to hold the vote that would decide whether or not to switch the town to a six ward system that will allow voters to choose a representative based on the area of town they live and increase board members from four to six, asked the judge on Wednesday to order the town’s use of poll watchers. Last week Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St.Lawrence stated that poll watchers will not be used, with Deputy Town Attorney Janice Gittleman reasoning in court that state law requires poll watchers be present for a candidate election, not a proposition. State Supreme Court Justice Margaret Garvey stated that based on state law, political parties appoint poll watchers, and so the town will not be required to do so for this vote. According to Parietti this will make it difficult to challenge the results, without proof of possible irregularities.

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