Goats Killed by Neighborhood Dogs

Early Tuesday morning police responded to a call in New City from a woman up around 3:00 AM to find her one-year old pet goats being mauled by a neighbor’s two dogs. According to Marie Harrow, who spoke with the Journal News about her incident, she went into her backyard and found two dogs attacking her Nigerian Dwarf goats, Sonny and Poppy, inside their pen and attempted to fight the dogs off, though eventually she had to give up and call the police. Harrow stated that she has raised goats for over 30 years and in November 2012 the same dogs attacked and killed another two of her goats. Jason and Lauren Feldman, the owners of the dogs, who are 45-pound part labrador mixes, were fined by Clarkstown Justice Court and Harrow was forced to build a taller pen. This time Clarkstown Animal Control Officer Patricia Coleman stated that she took the dogs to Hi Tor Animal Care Center and will be pursuing with the courts a dangerous dog order. The judge can then issue a fine, or have the dogs euthanized.

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