United Water General Manager Steps Down

United Water has announced that their General Manager, Michael Pointing, has left the company. According to the Rockland County Times newspaper, a source related to the company stated on Wednesday that there is currently an investigation into misappropriation of funds and misstatements of revenue by Pointing and that he and two accountants were let go. Spokeswoman for United Water, Deborah Rizzi, stated to the Journal News that the company will continue providing water services to the county, and will not discuss internal matters. Al Samuels, the President of the Rockland Business Association stated that the former executive had spoken of returning to his home country of England for a long time and that is most likely the reasoning behind his departure, while members of the activist group, the Rockland Water Coalition, have stated that United Water seems to be on the “defensive”, after creating a void between ratepayers and the company. Rizzi stated that the president of the Regulated Division, David Stanton, has been named interim General Manager.

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