Woman Sentenced in Death of Spring Valley New Born

On Monday State Supreme Court Justice William Jelly ruled that Maria Guaman-Guaman, a 24-year old Ecuadorian immigrant living in Spring Valley, would receive twelve years in prison for the death of her new born son in November 2013. Guaman-Guaman was originally charged by police with second-degree murder for strangling her son and leaving his body in a dumpster after giving birth to him. Psychiatrists examined the woman and decided that she acted under extreme emotional stress and has lasting brain trauma from an accident in Ecuador and has an IQ of 53. The results led police to charge her with first-degree murder, which holds a minimum sentence of 15 years in prison. Kelly stated at the hearing that the lesser sentence was decided on because of difficult conditions Guaman-Guaman faced in life and the results from the psychiatrists’ exam, stating, “I don’t think this was a deliberate, conscious decision.” The Judge’s sentence also means five years of supervision and deportation from the United States.

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