Hudson Boat Crash Driver Sentenced

36-year old Nyack resident Jojo John was sentenced on Tuesday morning for his role in the July 2013 boat crash on the Hudson River that led to the death of 30-year old Lindsay Stewart and 30-year old Mark Lennon both of Piermont. John was accused of driving the boat drunk the night of the accident, and family of the victims also blame the owner of a construction barge they crashed into which inured passengers of the boat claim had barely visible lighting. On the boat at the time were Stewart’s fiance Brian Bond and Dan Dilorgi, both injured. Bond and Stewart were set to be married less than a month after the accident, with Lennon as the bestman. At the hearing John expressed his regret to the family and of Lennon and Stewart, stating, “A day doesn’t go by when I don’t think of Lindsay and Mark.” An investigation with the Coast Guard into the construction barges surrounding the new Tappan Zee Bridge site took place last summer, but according to District Attorney Thomas Zugibe there was no reason for criminal charges to be brought against the owners, stating that his office believes John is the only one with responsible for the crash. Both families of the victims and John’s lawyer have stated that though the driver is responsible, lighting and safety on the river was an issue. John was sentenced to two years in County Jail though it could be reduced to 16 months for good behavior.

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