Legislators Meet for Override Vote Tonight

According to County Executive Ed Day the Legislature is set to override his veto of the proposal to wash the county buses daily at a meeting tonight. A February fire in the rear wheel of a TOR bus led legislators to support the idea that more frequent and thorough cleanings would help to prevent similar dangers in the future. The county currently holds a $70 million contract with Brega Transport Inc, and would have to pay about $800,000 extra per year for the washings. In Day’s veto message he stated that if the resolution were to go through it would cost tax payers $4 million, or the equivalent of a 4% rise in property taxes. In a statement released the County Executive urged residents to call their legislators at 638-5100, and ask them to look closely at the veto message, which states Day’s reasons against the washings, such as a lack of evidence supporting the need.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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