East Ramapo School Bus Driver Charged with Child Endangerment

According to police a 53-year old bus driver for the East Ramapo School District was arrested after officials investigated claims from parents that their children were being dropped off a mile away from their stops. Floyd James, who works for Student Bus Co. was charged with child endangerment when during the first week of school the district received multiple complaints from parents that their children were dropped in the area of their homes an forced to walk home. According to Sandra Owens, the Transportation Director for East Ramapo, there were about eight to ten students dropped off and they believe James did so because he was confused about the route and that many drivers had trouble with new routes and addresses. Owens stated, “The district investigated, followed through, and worked with the police department to be sure we send a clear message that this is unacceptable and it won’t happen again.” James was suspended from his position and freed from jail without bail, and will return to court on October 7.

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