Nadell on Suicide Watch While Waiting for Murder Trial

According to a prosecutor in the case against Diana Nadell, the daughter-in-law and accused murderer of 80-year old Valley Cottage resident Peggy Nadell, the Florida resident has been on suicide watch at the Ulster County Jail since earlier this summer. Prosecutor Richard Kennison Moran stated that authorities were monitoring Nadell’s communication after it was revealed that she was planning to have two of the witnesses to her alleged crime killed while she was in jail and learned through a letter to her children in Florida that she told them she wanted to kill herself. Since her January arrest Nadell was moved from Rikers Island to Orange County Jail, and now to Ulster County so that she can be kept separate from her associate in the crime, Andrea Benson of Washington DC, who agreed to testify against Nadell when she pleaded guilty. On Thursday Luis Penichet who is representing Nadell asked state Supreme Court Justice William Kelly to get his client off suicide watch because it is making it difficult to privately meet with her work on the defense. He also stated that Nadell has not had a mental health examination and she has refused her medication. Kelly ruled that if Penichet drafted an order to have private room set for attorneys to meet with Nadell, he would sign it.

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