Ed Day Vetoes Resolution for Daily Bus Washing

On Thursday County Executive Ed Day announced that he would be vetoing a resolution proposed by the Legislature to spend nearly $800,000 a year to wash the county buses daily. In February a small fire in the right rear wheel well destroyed a TOR bus and the resulting proposal was announced by Legislator Patrick Moroney in early August as a preventive measure. Day stated in his veto that in the existing $70 million contract the county holds with Brega Transport Inc., the buses are required to be washed as often as is necessary for performance without additional costs on the county. The reasons stated for the veto are unanticipated costs of over $3 million through October 2018 for extra washing not included in the resolution, which would take effect thirty days after approval, the pricing with the existing contract is fixed and the proposal is vague, not stating exactly which buses in the fleet would be included in the washing. The veto states that the contract should be reopened to bidders if it is to be amended.

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