County Attmepts to Alleviate Stressed Public Transit

According to Rockland County Executive Ed DAy complaints have been filed with the county about slower bus services this summer and the county is taking action to solve the problems. Spokeswoman for he Rockland County Department of Public Transportation, SUsan Meyer, stated that the addition of two larger buses from the Tappan ZEExpress’ 59 and 97 routes to temporarily ease the busy TOR schedules and prevent delays has helped already. Rockland is also acting on plans to add four large buses after they bought out the $8,000 tire leases from the Albany system, to use as backups, though some will be put into service in October. Four new TOR buses are set to arrive in the fall of 2015 and the county is looking to buy sixteen new ones for 2016. In the meantime the Department of Public Transportation is considering renting buses to alleviate issues with the routes and next month TOR will be taking on two para-transit mini-buses from TRIPS that will run Route 97 and loops 1 and 3 in Ramapo.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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