Pile Driving to Resume on Tappan Zee Bridge Today

According to Brian Conybeare, Governor Cuomo’s Special Adviser for the New Tappan Zee Bridge Project, pile driving at the construction site is set to resume today, after being suspended on July 31 when the noise rose above the allowed 90 decibels. Conybeare stated on friday that due to the testing and research done by Tappan Zee Constructors since building was halted, they have been allowed to resume work installing 200 metal sheet piles to the wall of the bridge on the Rockland shore, and they will be using techniques to keep noise levels down such as a guide beam to prevent rattling, a double layer rubber sound barrier, and a noise shroud around the hammer and metal sheets. Mayor of South Nyack Bonnie Christian stated that she and residents are waiting to see if the new techniques help keep sound levels low.

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