Diana Nadell Charged with Conspiracy to Kill Witnesses

According to prosecutors in the homicide case of Clarkstown resident Peggy Nadell, Diana Nadell of Florida, was making plans with an inmate to have two witnesses set to testify against her murdered while she’s being held in Orange County Jail was waiting for her trial. Prosecutors stated that Nadell was arrested in the January killing of her 80-year old mother-in-law Peggy Nadell, with the motivation to gain access to the woman’s $3 million estate that would have been split between her two children, Susanne Nadell-Scaccio of Airmont, and Diana Nadell’s husband James Nadell of Florida. Coconspirators to the murder were also arrested and being held after pleading guilty to felony charges. 25-year old cousin of Diana Nadell, Andrea Benson, testified against her, stating that she choked the 80-year old with a pocketbook strap and beat her before stabbing her multiple times in the woman’s Clarkstown home, using a falsified alibi to make it seem like they were at a wedding in Washington DC at the time. The plans to have the unnamed witnesses killed carry two counts of second degree conspiracy, two counts of intimidating witnesses and two counts of second degree criminal solicitation. Nadell pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. She faces a life sentence in prison.

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