Spring Valley Disagreements Cause Lag in Payments

According to a vote by the Spring Valley Board of Trustees vendors at the eleventh annual Spring Valley Day will not be receiving payments for their services. The board allegedly voted against payments of $5,800 for the first band and $1,500 for the second to play that day, as well as $320 to Elegant Events Party Rental and $701 for food and beverages. Trustee Vilair Fonvil stated that Mayor Demeza Delhomme did not obtain approval from the board before authorizing contracts and purchases, and Trustee Emilia White stated that the Mayor claimed to be hosting the event so she thought it would be out of his own pocket. Delhomme stated that in past years the payments have always been voted on and approved after the event. According to Village Treasurer Kuruvilla Cherian Spring Valley Day has been unorganized in the past and most years payments were voted on afterwards, and without the board’s approval payments can’t be made leaving merchants and band members to question whether or not they will be receiving money for their time and services.

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