New Grants Allow School Districts to Lessen Written Tests

According to the New York State Education Department Rockland BOSCES was among three schools state wide to be awarded the teaching is core grant which would support art and music teachers in offering daily tests that coincide with the Common Core curriculum, rather than written tests. Since the Common Core took hold in New York State districts have had no way to keep track of students’ progress or teacher evaluations for subjects such as art, music, and gym, so the Student Learning Objectives were instituted and written tests were handed out the first and last weeks of the school year. With the new grants the SLO’s were on a list of tests districts can eliminate from the curriculum. Rockland BOSCES Assistant Superintendent Charlene Jordan stated that new model will keep track of students’ learning with the help of parents and the community. Officials from several districts seem to agree this means less testing for the school year and a more open environment for children to learn in.

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