Spring Valley Board’s Minor Dispute

The Spring Valley Board of Trustees held a meeting on Wednesday, a day after Mayor Demeza Delhomme was released from jail after he was arrested for contempt of court for not following an order from state Supreme Court Judge Gerald Loehr. The meeting was scheduled by Trustee Vilair Fonvil and was attended by Trustees Asher Grossman and Emilia White, Village Attorney Jerro Miles, and Deputy Clerk Herby Jean-Charles, while the mayor and Deputy Mayor Anthony Leon did not attend. Delhomme did not comment on his absence though Leon stated that he didn’t attend because the memo was “forged” letter head and so was held illegally. Fonvil stated that the letterhead varies for each department and his one-year term as Deputy Mayor, which was given to him and taken away by the mayor in December, ends on december 1 of 2014. The board reinstated Sonia Barton to her position as Youth Director at the meeting as well as moving forward with a $5,000 payment to the Midget Football League.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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