Legislators Vote to Wash County Buses Daily

The Rockland County Legislature voted 13-3 on Wednesday to approve a request made by Pearl River Legislator Patrick Moroney, that the county’s buses be washed daily, which will cost more than $300,000 for the remainder of 2014. In February a TOR bus caught fire and was evacuated, leading to Moroney researching the cause. Moroney stated that the results prove fires can start in the undercarriage of the vehicles and cleanings can help prevent them. Witnesses stated that the fire in February started in the back right wheel well, which coincides with the results from studies. In the $70 million contract Rockland signed with Brega Transport in November, it is required that each bus gets washed at least once a week, meaning the county will have to find money for the 62 buses to be washed daily. Some legislators, including Michael Grant, who voted against the resolution, stated concerns about where the $500,000 $800,000 for 2015 will come from. According to Moroney there is a surplus of funds in the Department of Public Transportation which will be used for 2014 and the county will have to wait and see, but the daily washings are for public safety.

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