Spring Valley Mayor Court Hearing Set

Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme remains in jail following his arrest on Friday based on state Supreme Court Judge Gerald Loehr’s charge of contempt. At a Thursady hearing last week Loehr ordered that the mayor facilitate the trustees’ decision to open the summer camp, by making the Louis Kurtz Center accessible. On Friday morning Trustee Vilair Fonvil and former Village Clerk Sherry Scott arrived to open the building and stated that many of the offices remained locked. Delhomme’s lawyer Jared Viders stated that he was hoping to get the mayor out on Monday, but was told to return Tuesday. Viders also stated that Delhomme complied with the order, to open the center. Sonia Barton, who was suspended from the position of Youth Director but was hired by trustees as a private contractor stated that she is attempted to put together a different program due to the little time left this summer, but it would require approvals from the Health Department. The mayor will attend a hearing this morning where a decision will be made on his release.

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