Pearl River Vandalism Continues

More vandalism has been reported in Pearl River, a week after a family’s home on North Lincoln Street was attacked with anti-semitic graffiti. According to Jim Van Houtan Farms on Sickletown Road, on Sunday morning at 8:30 workers discovered that over the weekend vandals plastered anti-semitic graffiti consisting of swastikas and other forms of profanity on greenhouses, as well as destroyed cash registers, sprinkler heads, tore down the flagpole, overturned potted plants, and released the garden center’s fifteen-year old rabbit who found her way back the next day. Van Houtan stated that he is not Jewish, which makes him and police wonder if those responsible are ignorantly searching for something to draw. Orangetown Police stated they are investigating the incident and are unaware if there is a connection to the attacks on North Lincoln.

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