Residents May Expect Taxes on Noise-Reducing Grant

Residents near the Tappan Zee Bridge construction site had been expecting the project to pay for noise protection by offering $1.7 million community grant set up by the Thruway Authority and Tappan Zee Constructors for noise reducing windows to those who applied in Grandview, South Nyack, and Tarrytown. According to Brian Conybeare, Special Advisor to Governor Cuomo, 24 of 57 eligible homes have taken the offer and about 13 of them have received checks. Recently the recipients have been informed that the money may be considered taxable by the state and federal governments. Conybeare stated that those who are hoping to receive a check, or already have, are informed that they should speak with their financial advisors about potential taxes. Officials stated the IRS may also be able to answer questions. Now residents are worried that they will have to pay the bill for the grant money offered to them. Three condominium complexes made a deal with the project in 2013 to get money for sound-reducing windows and doors, and now they may have to pay taxes as well.

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