Haverstraw Town and Village to Study Combining Courts

According to officials the town and the village of Haverstraw have applied for $100,000 in state aid to fund a study of whether it would be financially worth it to combine courts or continue having police work with three separate court. The village got rid of their police force in 2005 and since then the town’s police have been working cases with courts for the town, village, and West Haverstraw. According to Supervisor Howie Phillips the study would be completed to determine how much money and time would be saved if officers did not have to travel farther distances with suspects, less time spent traveling would mean a more efficient system for officer coverage for residents. According to village law a suspect must be arraigned in the respective village court, so currently police must drive a suspect from headquarters in Garnerville to one of the three courts, instead of using the closest courthouse, officials estimate that the time spent with a suspect would significantly drop from an hour and a half. Mayor of West Haverstraw John Ramundo stated that he supported doing the study but the four village trustees against it. Mayor of the village of Haverstraw, Michael Kohut, stated that consolidating would make the police force more efficient,and the study can’t hurt and may even make the village eligible for a tax rebate from Governor Cuomo’s tax freeze program for 2016.

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