United Water Ordered to Clarify Request for $56 Million

A State Administrative Law Judge ordered recently that United Water New York has until July 30 to back up their request that tax payers pay a $56 million bill for work done in attempts to build the proposed water treatment plant on the water treatment plant on the Hudson River, as well as $4 million in interest. Critics of the plant expressed concern on the company’s claims that the details of expenses are confidential and cannot be released to the public. George Potanovic, the founder of one of the major opponents of the plant in the county, the Rockland Water Coalition, stated that the company is hiding the information that would ensure the money is being used how it should be and since they are asking for public money, the public should have access to that information. Spokeswoman for United Water Deb Rizzi stated that the company released the information to all those relative to the confidential agreement and the further release of pricing and conditions could potentially harm the situation. According to Rizzi the costs are for the development of the plant, such as, “The selection process, preliminary design, engineering, permitting, pilot plant testing, and extensive regulatory process.” The town of Ramapo hired attorney Daniel Duthie to fight the proposed surcharge, who stated that the bills are blacked out in so many places that it is impossible to tell for sure what the company is charging for.

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