Clarkstown Highway Department Hires New Confidential Secretary

The town of Clarkstown Highway Department has hired a new full time confidential secretary for Superintendent Wayne Ballard. On Tuesday Ballard announced that Legislator Frank Sparaco was awarded the position, which pays $103,600 a year, after the former secreatary of 16 years, Nancy Willen, unexpectedly made the decision to retire. Sparaco is facing criticism for the position, many stating that Willen earned her salary over a period of time, and the Legislator should be started at a lower salary. The job offers health care as well as contributes to his pension, though Sparaco stated that he will not be joining the town’s plan because he already receives health care with the Legislature. Sparaco previously worked as consultant services representative for the Highway Department, earning $78,000 a year with no benefits. At a meeting on June 10 the board approved Republican Councilman George Hoehmann’s proposal to cut the position, stating that due to the town’s budget problems cuts are necessary. A recent projection by Comptroller Edward Duer and Deputy Comptroller Mary Maloney for 2015-2018 has shown Clarkstown is facing a $6 million shortfall, which will not be prevented by property taxes and other forms of revenue will not keep up with spending on services.

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