RCC Loses Part of State Aid

Rocklan Community College is going to have to rely on taxpayers and enrolled students more than ever for the 2014-15 year, since the state has cut about $1 million in aid. According to the college’s president Cliff Wood the state is meant to cover 40%, but only covers 25% of funding for the school, while the county pays about one-third. The college is expecting an enrollment of $5,921 full-time students and to spend $66.3 million, one million less than last year, the county will be paying 16.7 million and the state will be paying 15.72 million, 6% less than last year. In 2013 and 14 the state paid $2,827 for each student and this year they will be contributing $2,791, the county will be paying $2,965 per student, almost $200 more than last year. Tuition is also set to rise by $125 per student. The county will be participating in a program that will allow union workers to go to school for free to help fill seats and potentially get grants.

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