Spring Valley Board Disagreements Hinder Insurance Renewal

The Village of Spring Valley Board of Trustees is having trouble coming to an agreement on renewing its insurance. The policy, which covers operations such as police, public works, and workers compensation as well as properties in the village, is set to expire on Monday. Mayor Demeza Delhomme stated that if the board cannot come up with a resolution the village would shut down since workers and police can’t drive their vehicles without insurance. According to the Village Clerk’s office the current policy is $1.67 million and the renewal premium would be 8% higher than that, and $30,000 less than the budgeted amount. Trustee Vilair Fonvil stated that the board could not vote at Tuesday’s meeting because the Mayor did not provide trustees with the proper information even though it was requested, the only paperwork given was a bill for $1.8 million to cover the policy. Delhomme set an emergency meeting at 2:00 this afternoon. Fonvil stated that they now have the necessary information to discuss the insurance properly and hopefully vote on an agreement.

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