PSC Votes on United Water Rates

The Public Service Commission voted on the proposed rate increase for United Water. The company had requested a 19.8% increase, which would have raised revenue by $21.3 million. At the meeting the PSC voted to approve two options that would mean an increase between 9.6 and 12.9% beginning Tuesday. Chairwoman Audrey Zibelman stated that the commission’s decision represents that they are aware of the need for a rise in revenue for the company, but on behalf of the customers conservation tactics will have to be put in place to keep spending down. The first option is a one-year deal that will mean an increase for rate payers from the current $714 to $806 or 12.9%, and the second is a two-year deal which will raise rates by 9.6% or $714 to $783 a year. Commission spokesman James Denn stated that during the second year of the agreement rates would drop 3%. According to Michael Pointing, Vice President of United Water New York, the company the largest reason for a need in rate increases is the rising property taxes, which they can’t control and the company sees that the PSC is attempting to find a balance for both United Water and rate payers. The PSC also ordered that the company suspend long-term research and work on saving funds by focusing on short-term improvements. The company has until Monday to choose an option and the new rates will take effect on Tuesday.

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