Judge Rules on Ramapo-Reimer Case

State Supreme Court judge Victor Alfieri ruled on Thursday that the Town of Ramapo stop their intense questioning of suspended town employee their investigation within thirty days of his ruling. In October Reimer filed for court assistance in the case between her and the town, when her lawyer Fred Lichtmacher, stated that at a hearing Ramapo officials harshly questioned his client and threatened that is she didn’t answer her case would be dismissed. Alfieri stated on Thursday that the town was, “delving into areas that clearly go beyond the statutory purpose.” The ruling states that the hearings will take place within six hours one day and questions will be related to Reimer’s filed claim. Reimer will face possible termination from her position as Ramapo’s Supervisor of Fiscal Services after she was suspended and filed a suit of defamation against the town which claimed she was unfairly suspended for a financial review by the state Comptroller’s Office. Lichtmacher stated the judge’s ruling is fair and vindicated his client. Steven Stern who is representing the town stated that the six additional hours of questioning will allow him to get what he needs from the case.

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