Peggy Nadell’s Killer Indicted

Diana Nadell, who was accused in the January murder of her mother-in-law, 80-year old Valley Cottage resident Peggy Nadell, was indicted before a grand jury Wednesday. Nadell and her accomplice Andrea Benson were charged with first and second degree murder and face life without parole, for plotting to kill the older woman in her home on January 25 around 1:00 AM by tricking her into opening the door with a phone call. Investigators believe that Nadell’s motive was to gain access to her husband’s mother’s $4 million estate, Rockland County District Attorney Thomas Zugibe stated, “They are accused of conspiring in a sinister plot to murder the victim during a violent attack, in her own home, for personal greed.” According to Zugibe Nadell offered to pay Benson to drive her from Washington DC, where two other women, Elita Grant and Tanisha Joyner, who have already pleaded guilty, agreed to create an alibi for the woman. According to the Rockland Medical Examiner’s office Peggy Nadell was killed by multiple stab wounds to her torso and was found with strangulation marks and various blunt force trauma wounds to her head and face. Benson will be arraigned Thursday and Nadell will be arraigned next Wednesday.

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