Chicken Slaughterhouse Not Yet Approved

According to a spokesman for the Empire State Development fund that awarded the village of New Square with a 1.6 million dollar grant to build a new chicken slaughterhouse recently announced that the agency is still in the process of approving the final project. Jason Conwall stated on Wednesday that the state has the ability to turn down the proposal and are taking into account the concerns of everyone involved. The project could also potentially come to a stop if the village asked for the money to be taken back, though Conwall stated that so far the village has not made a request to do so. Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski reached out to the estate earlier this week, sending a letter to the director of the Empire State Development board of directors, Kenneth Adams, in which he asked that they rescind the grant due to the potentially hazardous effects on the residential area the 26,500 square foot plant would be built. More than 2,000 residents signed the letter opposing the $3 million project to build the plant that would process about 5,000 chickens daily with the plant opening at 5:00 AM. According to Zebrowski’s letter the grant was awarded in 2009 for improvements to the existing plant in New Square, which was later shut down for multiple violations. Zebrowski stated that the grant can be rescinded by the board in their upcoming June meeting if the plans have not proceeded in a timely manner. Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee recently put her support behind those opposing the plant as well.

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