Video Released of Spring Valley Police Using Violence

A Spring Valley police officer is under investigation after the release of a video online that shows the officer forcibly pushing a man to the ground. In the 16-second video a young man is holding a ticket and appears angry with the officer, about halfway through the video the officer appears to swing the man’s leg out from under him and holds him to the ground. Police Chief Paul Modica stated Monday that they are investigating the entire interaction, which was about five or six minutes long, and the video is 16 seconds of a situation not shown, which makes it troubling. According to Modica, investigators are looking into police and arrest reports and are speaking with witnesses and the officer, who was not named, is still on the job. Wilbur Aldridge, the Regional Director of the Mid-Hudson NAACP, stated that the video seems to be a “blatant form of police brutality,” and that the actions taken by the officer were unnecessary. Aldridge and Willie Trotman, President of the NAACP, spoke with Modica and believe that the investigation should close by the end of the week. Aldridge stated “the police officer should be held to a higher standard. He may be annoyed, but that’s the nature of the job.”

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