Legislator Resigns from Committee

County Legislator Frank Sparaco resigned from his position within the Clarkstown Republican Committee, for he stated, “an inter-political disagreement, party nonsense that I don’t want to be a part of anymore.” Sparaco was allegedly a guest at a fundraiser thrown by Democratic Legislator Barry Kantrowitz who was appointed to the position after Ed Day was elected County Executive. Kantrowitz will be running against Republican Lon Hofstein to stay in the position for another year. According to Bob Axelrod, the Chairman of the Clarkstown Republican Committee, Sparaco was facing disloyalty charges for attending the fundraiser, which he states was a kickoff campaign fundraiser for the Democrat. The Republican s need six seats in the Legislature to obtain a super minority to support the County Executive’s vetoes. Axelrod stated that Sparaco left hours before he was facing the disloyalty charge, though Sparaco claims his decision has nothing to do with that, stating that he has remained loyal to the party, campaigning and petitioning for candidates. The Legislator has stated that he will remain in politics but will avoid being a member of committees due to the forced support of individuals.

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