Chicken Slaughterhouse Protest

In response to the continuation of unapproved plans for a chicken slaughter house in New Square residents and government officials have set a protest for Sunday afternoon. The 3 million dollar plant, named Heritage Park, would process $5,000 chickens daily and opponents, such as Robert Rhodes, Chairman of Preserve Ramapo, have stated that the unknown environmental effects on the surrounding communities of New Square and New Hempstead is not worth the possible economic benefits. The plant is waiting for a 1.6 million dollar grant from the New York State Development Fund, which Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski has urged the state to rescind. Zebrowski, along with County Executive Ed Day and others will be speaking at the “Stop the Slaughterhouse” protest at 2:00 PM Sunday afternoon at the site of the new plant on Apta Boulevard and Tetiyuz Way. The site is planned to be $26,250 square feet instead of the original proposal of $50,000. Rhodes stated that the fight is for the environment, not against the community, zoning, or religions in the mostly Jewish neighborhood. The operator, Adir Poultry, wants to rebuild and expand its $5,000 square foot plant that was shut down in 2010 by the federal government for violations, including selling uninspected poultry since 2002.

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