State Comptroller’s Office Declares Suffern Budget Unrealistic

According to a recent audit by the state Comptroller’s Office Suffern’s budget is unrealistic in solving its fiscal problems. The audit states that in the years 2009-2011 the village spent much more money out of the general fund than they put in leading to a deficit of $340,392 in 2009-2010 and $232,754 in 2010-2011. Village officials, including Treasurer Thomas Zordan stated the Village Board had planned to use fund balance to pay off the deficit to protect tax payers. The audit also released information found on the village’s sewer and water budget in May 2012. According to the audit the sewer fund was $847,486 in debt and the water was $608,038. The Comptroller’s Office blames the Village Board’s mismanagement of the funds through the year. Mayor Patricia Abato stated that the deficits were due to the village putting money into the infrastructure and there is a plan in place that is working to solve the deficits, in 2014-15 Suffern set aside $249,000 for an elimination plan that will allow them to raise sewer and water rates. Zordan stated that the sewer deficit will be payed in four years the water should be payed within two years.

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