Rockland Bus Fare Hikes Approved

The bus fare hikes proposed over a month ago were approved to begin June 15. According to County Executive Ed Day the county will be initiating a “phased approach.” On June 15 the prices for a ten ticket book for TRIPS buses will be raised to $25 instead of the originally proposed $30 and sometime in the next year it will go up to $3 instead of $4 but will be raised to $4 in June 20115. The ADA fare was dropped from its longtime $4 per trip to $3, though it may go back up in 2015. For Transport of Rockland the E-Saver pass will be $20 for eleven rides, and paper tickets will no longer be available as of a date that has not been set yet. The unlimited 7-day E-Pass will be $30 and in 2015 the proposed $32 will be implemented.TAPPAN ZEExpress will be raised at a date that also has not been set, the E-Saver pass will be $30 for eleven rides, the unlimited 30-day E-Pass will be $100 and the proposed $120 will take effect in 2015. The Metro North/TZx Uni-ticket will be raised starting July, the bus portion going to $20 from $13 per week and $60 from $40 per month.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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