Police Release Information on Nadell Killing

Police held a press conference releasing more information on the murder of 80-year old Peggy Nadell of Valley Cottage. According to Clarkstown Police the daughter-in-law of Peggy Nadell, 50-year old Diana Nadell, conspired in December with a group of people to kill her husband’s mother so she could inherit through marriage part of the woman’s 4 million dollar estate. Police stated that Diana Nadell had family members in Jamaica bring in a relative from California, 24-year old Elita Grant, who set up a team to create an alibi for the woman while she was in Rockland. They decided to pretend to be attending a wedding in Maryland at the time of the murder. Nadell flew from her Florida home to Washington D.C. and from there drove with 25-year old Andrea Benson of Washington D.C., to the home of Peggy Nadell. Police stated that around 1:17 AM on January 25 Diana Nadell used a burner phone to get her mother-in-law to et them in the home, and together they beat the older woman and stabbed her. 26-year old Tanisha Joyner acted as a witness placing Nadell in Washington D.C. at the time and used Nadell’s real cell phone to make calls from Washington, making it seem like she there. According to police diana Nadell had planned to leave the country for Jamaica in June, and it appears her husband was not connected to the plans to kill his mother. Peggy Nadell’s daughter Suzanne Nadell-Scaccio found her mother and her lawyer John Edwards stated that she is, “gratified the killers of her mother have been identified and equally disturbed that her sister-in-law is one of the persons.” The four women involved were arrested by their local police on Tuesday and are waiting to be brought to Rockland County to face charges of second-degree murder and second-degree conspiracy to commit murder.

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