Peggy-Nadell Killers Arrested

Arrests have been made in the January 25 killing of Valley Cottage resident Peggy Nadell. Police announced Wednesday that 50-year old Diana Nadell, who is married to the victim’s son, was arrested on Tuesday by police at her home in Florida home, along with 25-year old Andrea Benson and 26-year old Tanisha Joyner both of Washington DC and 24-year old Elita Grant of Long Beach, California. According to reports Diana Nadell had been in Maryland for a wedding and was in Clarkstown at the time of the murder, though police declined to comment on motive or her connection to the other three women arrested. Nadell has been charged with second-degree murder and second-degree conspiracy to commit murder. Benson was arrested under the same charges and Joyner and Grant were both charged with second-degree conspiracy to commit murder. In January 80-year old Peggy Nadell, who was active in Clarkstown politics was found beaten and dead from a stab wound to her chest by her daughter Suzanne Nadell-Scaccio of Airmont, who told police that she went to check on her mother after she did not return phone calls. When she found her mother she pulled the knife out, leading to questioning for which Nadell-Scaccio got a lawyer. According to Clarkstown Police Chief Michael Sullivan, they are unsure if more arrests are a possibility in the still active investigation. Diana Nadell is being held without bail at Miami-Dade County Jail and all four women will be brought to Rockland for trials.

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